Leonardo Gutierrez

Concept Artist

Currently, I have 3+ years of experience in character design, portraiture, and digital landscaping.

Leonardo Gutierrez Concept Artist / Illustrator


Concept Artist / Illustrator

At some point in history, two people decided to form a family and give space in their lives to 5 new creatures, one of them was Leonardo Gutiérrez, who was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in 1998, a holy place where children instead of drink milk they want "Chicha" (Traditional drink of the place)

From very early Leo participated in many drawing contests, some of them winning them and others only being in 2nd place, seeing that the drawing prizes are not so profitable, he decided to draw and make the conceptual maps of the students of his school , all for a small price, after school and together with some friends, he started a design printing business on t-shirts, where he learned to use many digital tools to create designs.

Then, for a period of 2 years, he served as a missionary in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints “Mormons” upon returning home with honors of service, he went straight to a computer to resume all his design studies.

He won a scholarship to art college, but decided to turn it down, as he believed digital art would take him further, and it did, he learned everything he could about Unity and Unreal, all about human anatomy and animation, he started working as a freelancer of concept art and now at 25 years old, he is waiting for the opportunity to work for a big video game company to be able to demonstrate everything he knows, here in his portfolio there is a sample of it.

After those years of study and small jobs in 2D and 3D, Leo learned to work in a team, know how to distribute tasks and be very responsible with the delivery of commissions on time.


I handle everything that is 2D Illustration – Concept Art – Character Design – Props – Environments


Photoshop – Illustrator – Unity – Unreal – Blender


Taken from specialized platforms in the sector, such as Platzi - Udemy - Crehana - Domestika

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